Hi! I am Kelly de Greef, founder of Kelson. Great that you want to spend some time learning about me and my agency! Before I founded Kelson Marketing & Content, I worked several years as a marketeer at a shipping company.  As with many peers, the industry has stolen my heart.  Although innovation generally is high on the agenda of many maritime organizations, marketing at this point remains often neglected. From personal experience I know how challenging it can be to implement a successful marketing strategy in this fairly conservative industry.

Organizations often face the same challenges. A lot of marketing activities are still done manually, which means that marketers can spend their time less efficiently. Many companies also experience problems when it comes to generating qualitative leads or demonstrating the return on marketing investments. Because I believe that the future is online (which doesn’t mean that offline is no longer important, on the contrary!) I have chosen to start an online marketing agency specialized in the maritime industry. In order to support organizations with a targeted marketing plan in which online marketing resources DO provide quality leads, I have specialized in the inbound marketing method and Kelson has become a HubSpot marketing partner.


The successful HubSpot software is used by more than 52.000 users in over 100 countries with a specialization in online lead generation and the effective growth of a business. Just good software clearly is not enough. HubSpot is the creator of the inbound marketing philosophy, a method aimed at creating an ideal customer experience through an entire organization. This enables companies to realize optimal growth. Successful organizations distinguish themselves from the less successful ones, by using the time of their employees as effectively as possible. The right implementation of both the strategy as well as the software, ensures that the marketing efforts result in qualitative leads, allowing sales people to focus on pursuing only those leads, which are more likely to become a customer.  This method offers a solution to all the challenges I have experienced before. I was therefore proud when HubSpot approached me with the request to make Kelson a HubSpot marketing partner! Thanks to this partnership, clients can benefit optimally from our combined strengths and knowledge when it comes to applying the inbound marketing method in the maritime industry. In this way, Kelson can offer her clients a total package on sales and marketing services.


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