A corporate website can serve multiple purposes. For one organization, the information on the website purely serves as support to the sales team, were another organization would like to use the website to increase its name recognition or brand awareness. However, the most frequently asked question we receive from customers, is, how the website can be used to generate more leads. Increasing the number of leads or conversions (actions) can be done in two ways:

1. You can take measures to increase the website traffic.
2. You can ensure that you take as many conversion-enhancing measures as possible, to increase the conversion rate.

Increasing the conversion actually means nothing more than increasing the actions that your website visitors perform. This can be, for example, filling in a contact form or requesting a quote, but also a registration on your blog or newsletter is considered a conversion. We always recommend starting with the second option. Once you have optimized your website, obtaining more traffic on the site will automatically increase the conversion rate.

Everyone is unique which makes behavior on a website difficult to predict. Our below mentioned recommendations are therefore no guarantee for success but have significantly improved the conversion rate in several industries in recent years and are therefore worthwhile to implement. We advise you to integrate the various points step by step into your website, so that you can accurately monitor the effect per item.

For an easy start, the following recommendations are general and practically applicable to any organization. Perhaps there are tips that can be more difficult for your organization to realize. For example, not every operations department or customer service is suitable for operating a live chat function. Select those tips that are easiest for your organization to implement and do not forget to measure the effect per item.

Conversion enhancing measures for your website

  • Set up a separate landing page per product or service.
    A landing page is a self-contained webpage, with which you (via social media advertisements or mailings, etc.) attract visitors to your website. This page is designed in such a way that it encourages visitors to take a certain action. Contact us for more information on how to create and optimize a landing page for conversion.
  • Provide a clear message.
    Visitors spend less and less time on websites. When entering your website, you want them to see your added value at a glance. You can do this by clearly displaying your Unique Selling Points (USP’s) on the site. A USP is a unique part of your product or service. It is what distinguishes you from the competition. Nowadays, there is also more talk about UBR’s or Unique Buying Reasons. The Unique Buying Reason is the same as the USP, only approached from a customers’ point of view. A simple example of a USP is: Organization X provides the best customer service in the field of ship deliveries.’  The same distinctive character represented as UBR is as follows: ‘Organization X ensures that you can reach us 24/7 by telephone so that your deliveries outside of office hours also run smoothly.’
  • Make sure your website is responsive.
    A large part of today’s website traffic consists of visitors using mobile devices. If your website is not properly displayed on these devices, you will almost immediately loose the visitors’ attention and therewith a possible lead. A responsive website means nothing else than that your website is displayed excellently on a desktop, smartphone and tablet and is user-friendly to operate.
  • Add clear page titles.
    The page title of your text, also called H1 tag or header tag, ensures that the visitor knows what the text is about and therefore whether it is relevant to read. Google also include the page titles in the ranking of the page. In addition to the use of page titles or H1 tags, multiple subtitles can be used. To improve readability, it is useful to divide your text into multiple paragraphs. A subtitle is added to each paragraph, which has the H2 tag as identifying mark. If you also create a sub paragraph within a paragraph, the title of this sub paragraph will be marked with the H3 tag identifier. Within a page you can use multiple H2 and H3 tags. To improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results, it is advisable to only mark the page title with the H1 tag.
H1 title Kelson Marketing & Content

In the above image, the text ‘ about Kelson ‘ is the H1 tag within a WordPress website.

H2 title Kelson Marketing & Content

In the image above, the subtitle ‘Online Marketing Strategy’ has been given H2 as an identifier (Element Tag). The ‘Custom Heading Settings’ field becomes visible when you click on ‘Edit Custom Heading’.

  • Improve the load time of your website.
    A fast load time of your website contributes to a positive ranking in Google. More importantly, you prevent visitors from dropping out when it takes too much time for the page to load. This usually involves several technical adjustments where you can best engage with your web designer.
  • Add clear meta descriptions.
    The meta description is a short description that shows the content of the page. This is also the piece of text that is displayed below the page title in the Google search results. It is therefore important that the content of the page is shown here in an attractive way, because you can immediately attract visitors to your website or landing page. A good meta description is between 135 and 160 characters long, contains the keyword of the page, gives a clear description and tempts the reader to take action.
Meta description Kelson Marketing & Content

The text below the URL forms the meta description of the relevant page.


  • Add a chat function.
    A live chat offers the visitor a simple and easily accessible way to contact your customer service team directly. By offering multiple communication lines, your organization increases customer contact and removes possible frustrations. It is important that your helpdesk employee is able to respond within 30 seconds, as many visitors have left the chat box again after this time.
  • Have Kelson Marketing & Content carry out your conversion enhancing measures
    After reading these tips, do you still have questions or would you like help in implementing the customizations on your website? Kelson Marketing & Content is happy to support! You can easily contact us via the button below.

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