Kelson offers its services to get organizations up-and-running as soon as possible when it comes to implementation of the inbound marketing method and HubSpot software. This starts with mapping your target group(s) or buyer persona’s, developing an inbound marketing strategy as well as the implementation of the software. In order to provide a suitable solution for every type of organization, various packages have been developed. The time frame in which success can be achieved is the differentiator between the various packages. The level of success with inbound marketing depends on the quality and quantity of the content that your organization provides for its customers. The sooner a website provides the target group with a wide range of content, the faster you will see results. To determine which package is most suitable for your organization, prior to any partnership, a comprehensive consultation and preliminary research will take place, in which we map out your objectives and budget. In this way you can rest assured that you have the best solution for your specific situation.


Growth at steady spead

€ 3.500,- per month*

*costs are excluding HubSpot software

The Crew’s Package is ideal for maritime organizations that slowly want to start with inbound marketing. With a steady sailing speed, Kelson introduces your organization to the HubSpot CRM system as well as the inbound marketing philosophy. At your pace, we ensure that the marketing objectives are realized and that the return on the marketing investment is made transparent.

This packages includes:

  • Inbound marketing strategy
  • Buyer Persona development
  • Keyword Research
  • 1 blog post per month
  • 2 content offers per year*
  • CRM implementation

* in the form of an e-book or whitepaper


Growth at half speed

€ 5.000,- per month*

*costs are excluding HubSpot software

The Chief’s Package is especially for those organizations that want to achieve a head start and are committed to working with inbound marketing and HubSpot. The full implementation of the software and the amount of content we produce for you, ensures that your online marketing resources will contribute structurally to your growth objectives. Half speed ahead!

This package includes:

  • Inbound marketing strategy
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Keyword Research
  • 2 blog posts per month
  • 4 content offers per year*
  • CRM implementation

* in the form of an e-book or whitepaper


Growth at full spead

€ 7.500,- per month*

*costs are excluding HubSpot software

The Captain’s Package is designed for maritime professionals who want to see results, and fast! This package will get you up and running in no time when it comes to the implementation of your inbound marketing strategy, including the HubSpot CRM. We are working full time on analyzing and improving your lead generation process, so that inbound targets can be achieved on a short-term.

This package includes: 

  • Inbound marketing strategy
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Keyword Research
  • 4 blog posts per month
  • 6 content offers per year*
  • CRM implementation

* in the form of an e-book or whitepaper


Landing pages stimulate conversion and improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results.

Conversion optimization stimulates visitors to take action and identify themselves.

Marketing automation workflows ensure leads will be followed up effectively.

Searh Engine Optimization improves your ranking in search engine results.

Email marketing guides leads in a personal and relevant way through the buying process.

The strategy is monitored and adjusted on a monthly basis, so that optimal results are achieved.


Can I also get an inbound marketing advice without a package?

Yes, of course! Kelson also offers strategic sessions, workshops, social media management and content marketing on a project base. These services have been specially developed for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) that are looking for temporary support, for example. A tailor-made package can be offered for every need.

When the specific need of your organization is based on obtaining more (qualitative) leads, then the use the aforementioned inbound marketing packages is recommended at all times. These packages have been specially designed for organizations that want to achieve their growth objectives consistently, without having to set up or expand their own marketing department. Depending on the type of package, this may even mean that we are working full-time on the implementation of your organization’s inbound marketing strategy. For a fixed monthly fee it is clear which results you can expect. The implementation of the Marketing Hub Professional software also ensures that the return on the investment is accurately measured and, in particular, sales employees can spend their time much more effectively.

Do I need HubSpot?

Yes, please. HubSpot is a core component of our inbound service. This allows us to build a marketing platform that strengthens your reach and results. Moreover, having all the data stored in one place, allows us to always communicate with the right person at the right time and thus build the ultimate customer experience. If you already have a CRM system, then HubSpot offers links with for example Salesforce to integrate the data.

How soon can we start?

A partnership with Kelson always starts with a connect phase, usually in the form of a 30 minutes call via Zoom or by telephone. During this call, we discuss with what challenges you can use our help. When we have a clear picture of your situation an exploratory call (or meeting) is planned. This will be a more in-depth conversation were we examine what growth goals your organization has formulated and what it takes to achieve these objectives. This conversation usually takes an hour.

The next step is the goal setting and planning phase. Your objectives will be converted into inbound targets and together we develop a plan to achieve these targets. We also discuss the resources and budget needed to achieve these objectives. During this phase we will determine which package is most suitable for your situation. At the end of this meeting we have developed a basic inbound marketing plan to work with. Based on this plan you will then receive a custom quotation from us. When the quotation is approved and the agreement is signed, we can start right away!

When can I expect results?

Depending on the current marketing performance and the type of package you choose, you can expect the first preliminary results between 3 and 6 months. A significant growth follows in the 6 months thereafter.

For faster results, you can add the use of paid ads to the marketing package.

What are the benefits of a marketing package?

For a fixed price, we offer a combined marketing solution that contains everything you need to succeed, including: formulating and implementing your inbound strategy, blogging, other content creation, landing pages, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media management, monthly reporting and much more.

By combining all these services in one package, you achieve more while paying less.

Are maritime organizations the only ones being supported?

Certainly not! The inbound marketing method can be applied to every type of organization. However, with our background in the maritime sector, we specialize in creating content for maritime, logistics and industry.