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Kelson Marketing & Content specializes in developing and / or optimizing your online marketing strategy. 

Together with your team, a brainstorm session will take place in order to identify your company focus and to map the needs of your target group.

Part of the output is a content calendar which explains exactly which online marketing channels are used with which frequency to achieve these objectives. For example, we can publish your newsletters, social media posts, blog posts or landing pages.

If necessary, this plan can be adjusted. Once the plan has been approved, the content will be produced and posted on the agreed dates and you will will receive a periodic report clearly showing the progress and the extent to which the objectives have been achieved. This way, it is always clear to you what the return on your investment is.

Kelson Marketing & Content works closely with a select group of professionals who specialize in adjacent fields of expertise. For example, we can arrange your design work, video production and also we can implement the technical realization of your website.


Sparring with people who have the same affinity for the maritime & transport sector is something I always get very excited about! For a free consultation about the digital marketing opportunities within your organization you can fill in the contact form below.